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Racks ready for pick-up and shipping

BA Outfitters roof racks and accessories

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Safari Roof Rack prices

Any other size you want ? E-mail for a price ?

52”x84” $325  (Full length 80 Series)

54”x84” $325  (Full length 60 Series)

54”x72” $285  (Full length 40 Series)

52”x47” $285  (2/3 length 80 Series)

54”x47” $285  (2/3 length 80 Series)

54”x36” $225  (1/2 length 40 series


All prices include expanded metal floor

Subtract $50 for no flooring.

Bill A’s 1976 Fj-40 with a 54”x72” x 6” Rack

Subtract $35 for no paint


Shipping of Full size racks

You can check shipping costs to at

A crated full-size rack is approximately 175# crated for truck transport.

The shipment will be leaving zip code 05495 the class of the item is 105.

Please plan on a $45 crating fee to cover materials for racks shipped in

this manner, as they need to fully enclosed for truck shipment.


Shipping of 47” and narrower racks

Racks 47” and narrower can be shipped by Greyhound package express.

This type of freight generally costs approximately $75 to $100

A typical fare is from Burlington, Vermont to Austin, Texas being $75

Please plan on a $15 packaging fee for cardboard packaging.


Delivery at the Coal Mine Cruiser Classic or the Yankee Toys Fall Gathering

Generally delivery to either of these events will be 0-$50 depending on how

much room I have to travel.

For instance this year I am passengering at the coal mine cruiser classic, so a

$50 fee to offset gas cost for having to drive my Tundra to Ithaca rather than my car.





All racks are made to order and include design and a

3-D drawing of the final rack for your approval prior to construction

Would you like something custom?

Get it the way YOU want it

just e-mail for a price !


Custom Safari Roof Rack accessories

Light Mounts $7.50 ea

Quick-fist mounts $35 per pair  Ideal for axes/shovels and Hi-lift jacks !!

Attachment for Limb riser cables $15


Rack Specifications:

Our typical racks are fully welded and formed of Ύ” square tubing.

Tim’s 1971 Fj-40 with a 54”x72”x6” Rack

And are designed to handle multiple people standing on the racks loading them.

As well as full loads of all that essential gear.


Attaching our racks to your vehicle

All racks now come standard designed to accept bolt on

Gutter mounts like the Garvin industries gutter mount clamps.

Please verify when ordering what type of clamping system you

will be using so we can verify that it will work for you. We can

easily accommodate crossbar set-ups with Thule or Yakima,

with u-bolt attachment. This can be a great set-up when the rack is

FJ-62 with a 54”x84”x4” Rack

only used occasionally.

Four ends packaged and shipped via UPS for $80

2001 Tacoma with a 47””x72”x6” Rack